5 Easy Maharashtrian Recipes For Your Bappa To Make Your Naivedya Special

The long awaited festival in India is Ganesh Chaturthi the festival also known as ‘Vinayak Chaturthi’ but this festival is most popular in Maharashtra State in the country.
‘Vinayak Chaturthi’ is celebrated in honor of Lord Ganesha for 10 days. During this Mahotsav, some sweet and savory dishes are made and offered to Ganpati Bappa as a prasad (Bhog), and then distributed to the devotees.
We will have a good tour and a complete list of sweet and savory Maharashtrian Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes. However, all the recipes are very easy to make and also great for beginners.
So we start the Modak recipe which is Bhog’s favorite with Lord Ganesha. Therefore, it has special importance during the celebration of Ganesh Utsav. Talking about Modak, traditionally, Modak has a sweet stuffing made from coconut and jaggery. We have variations and nowadays many fusion versions are also available. Let’s see…

1. Ukadiche Modak or Steamed Modak

The steamed Modak recipe is super easy to prepare and it’s also a very soft, melt -in -your -mouth kind of outer layer stuffed with a chewy, sweet coconut filling. They have the perfect combination of flavors and textures. The ingredients we need are – Coconut, Jaggery / Sugar Powder, Poppy Seeds, and Maida. Modak loves Ganpati Bappa very much so offer it and then distribute it to the guests.

2. Coconut Ladoo with Condensed Milk

The coconut laddoo is very easy to make and also very tasty. Coconut ladoo recipes with condensed milk are adored by everyone! They suggest not to miss and it is full of coconut flavor with a perfect sweet taste. The ingredients are – Coconut, Condicated Milk, Cardamom Powder, and Nuts and it is offered at Bappa.

3. Sheera (Sooji Halwa)

Sheera or Halwa is not a typical Indian sweet (dessert) made on special occasions or festivals. It’s a simple, quick, and easy to make dish with minimal and basic ingredients. The ingredients we can use are – Semolina, Ghee, Almonds, Sugar, Cardamom Powder, and water. After steaming for a few minutes offer it to Lord Ganesha and distribute as Prasad to the guests.

4. Puran Poli (Chapati)

The adorable sweet Puran Poli is traditional Indian bread stuffed with sweet lentil filling. For making things we need Gram Dal, Jaggery and Cardamom. Wheat flour is needed for making object balls and Ghee to shallow fry Puran Poli. Then offer it to Lord Ganesha and distribute to the devotees.

5. Besan Barfi without sugar syrup)

Besan Barfi (Gram Flour Barfi) is perfectly sweet with great texture and can be made with a few basic ingredients -gram flour, ghee, sugar, and semolina. This recipe is a sociable recipe and no sugar syrup is made, it is very easy and quick to prepare to offer Ganpati Bappa.

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