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waves of hope“Waves of Hope”

by Judith Keim

Hope and determination can bring results…

Ellie Weatherby and the other four grandmothers living in Sanderling Cove decide that with only two great-grandchildren, it’s time for action. So they invite their grandchildren to spend the summer at the creek, hoping to encourage romance between them.

Elle’s three granddaughters – Charlotte Bradford, Olivia Winters and Brooke Weatherby – are all at a point where they have time to do as she asks. When Shane Ensley is sailing with Charlotte and another “kid of the creek”, Eric Simon, the boom throws him unconscious into the water. When Charlotte saves him, it changes everything for them and begins the summer just as the grandmothers had hoped.

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The winning playbook“The Winning Playbook”

by Rob Welsh and Jonathan R. Scott

A must-read for any future or current professional athlete, or anyone looking to better understand their finances, “The Winning Playbook: Strategies for Life On And Off the Field” offers invaluable insights you won’t find anywhere else.

We hear so many stories of athletes who were taken advantage of or simply had no purpose after their careers ended. This must not happen. Learn how money and taxes work. Learn how to keep more of your hard-earned money and make it work for you. Find out what to look for in a finance and sales team. Make your career your money-making machine and become the CEO of your business and your legacy.

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Bit Flip“Bit-Flip”

by Mike Trigg

Combining the corporate intrigue of Joseph Finder, the satirical cultural critique of Dave Eggers and the domestic drama of Laura Dave, “Bit Flip” is a fast-paced contemporary thriller that offers an authentic insider’s perspective on the corrupting influences of greed, entitlement, and vanity in tech start-ups.

CTO Sam Hughes came to Silicon Valley to “make the world a better place.” But when an onstage meltdown sends him into a professional freefall, he suddenly sees the Bay Area’s tech bubble culture in a new light.

As Sam wonders if his career and marriage might be over at forty, an inadvertent discovery brings him back to his old company, where he uncovers insidious schemes that threaten to destroy the company and his own moral compass.

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There will be lobster“There will be lobster”

by Sara Arnell

You know her. You have seen her. You can even see yourself in it. If you get to the midlife crisis party – the one that serves low self-esteem, hopelessness, unreliable behavior, forgetfulness, recklessness and the loneliness of loss – the stories and anecdotes of this memory will assure you that you are not alone.

For Sara Arnell, it took a rogue lobster, a dying rock star, an eighteen pound tumor, a meditation guru, a famous psychic and a former monk to put her on the path to light, hope and healing.

“Sara Arnell is the only writer I know who can make self-deprecation and wisdom sound like the same thing. It’s a dark, funny memoir with a big heart,” says David Hollander, author of “Anthropica” and “LIE”.

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