Breast cancer screening data detailed by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University (Engaging Rural Communities In Cancer Prevention and Control Research: Development and Preliminary Insights From a Community-based Research Registry): Diagnostics and Screening – Breast Cancer Screening

2021 NOV 04 (NewsRx) – By a Journalist-Staff News Editor at Daily Insurance News – Investigators publish new report on diagnosis and screening – Screening for breast cancer. According to news from Richmond, Virginia, per NewsRx correspondents, the research said: “To report on the development and preliminary results of a community-based cancer registry, including the community-based approach to recruitment, participant profile and risk factor distribution cancer by race / ethnicity and geography. Best practices in community outreach and engagement were used to recruit a diverse convenience sample of Virginia residents (> = 18 years) who oversampled residents living in rural areas, defined as Rural-Urban Continuum Codes (RUCC) 4-9 and Afro-American (AA) / Black residents.

Financial support for this research came from NIH National Center for the Advancement of Translational Sciences (NCATS).

Our press reporters got a research citation from Commonwealth University of VirginiaSeveral methods of administering the survey included an electronic survey (electronic survey) and an in-person survey conducted by community staff. At the time of this analysis, 595 participants are registered; 73% are rural, 46% are AA / black. AA / Black participants reported similar education but lower income (p

According to the editors, the research concluded: “Additional findings indicate a need for smoking cessation, lung cancer screening, obesity treatment and prevention initiatives.

For more information on this research, see: Get involved Rural communities In Cancer prevention and control research: development and preliminary overviews of a community-based research registry. Cancer medicine, 2021. Cancer medicine can be contacted at: Wiley, 111 River Street, Hoboken 07030-5774, NJ, United States. (Wiley-Blackwell –; Cancer medicine –

Press correspondents report that further information can be obtained from Maria D. Thomson, Commonwealth University of Virginia, School of Medicine, Dept Hlth Behav & Policy, One Capitol Sq, 4TH Floor, Richmond, Virginia 23298, United States. Additional authors of this research include Katherine Y. Tossas, Vanessa B. Sheppard and Charlotte garret.

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