Can you get an SMS loan at the age of 18?

Regardless of age, you may from time to time find yourself in a situation where you are missing money for one reason or another. In this situation, SMS loans are a loan option to get out of a tight situation. With us you must be 20 years of age to borrow money, which is why you, as an 18-year-old, have to look for other alternatives.

What are SMS loans?

What are SMS loans?

SMS loans cover both loans taken out via SMS and loans taken over the internet on the phone. The traditional SMS loan is extinct, as the security of these loans can not compare with the alternatives of online short-term loans. In addition, the vast majority of Danes today have a smartphone, which is why the SMS loan has lost much of its eligibility.

The SMS loan originated in a time when few had the opportunity to access the Internet. It was thus the easiest and fastest way to borrow money – at least if you wanted to borrow from the bank. For many people, a loan requirement of USD 5,000 is not worth involving the bank for. This is why SMS loans quickly became popular in the 1990s.

Although traditional SMS loans are largely passé, the term has stuck. The term SMS loan today covers an Internet-based loan rather than a traditional SMS loan. The talk of SMS loans may therefore, from time to time, cause confusion, as the concept is ambiguous.

Who can take out SMS loans?

As mentioned, you cannot take out SMS loans at 18 years of age with us. On the other hand, if you are 20 years of age, you can borrow up to USD 6,000 with a 50% discount for up to 30 days on the first loan. We offer this to all those who borrow from us for the first time. If the second, third or more you borrow from us, you can borrow up to USD 12,000.

However, it is not enough that you are 20 years old. We also impose some requirements on the borrower, which the vast majority of Danes fortunately fulfill. To get an SMS loan with us you must:

  • Have an active email address
  • Have a Danish phone number
  • Have a Danish bank account
  • Not be registered in Experian (RKI) or Debtor Registry

When you apply for an SMS loan, you are automatically assigned a personal profile. From here you can monitor your loan and make changes. Do you want to borrow from us again, this also happens through this.

If you have used our introductory offer, you can use our incorporated loan calculator on the page to create the full overview of the cost of the loan. These are contingent on loan amounts as well as maturity, which usually requires a larger interest calculation to identify.

We even raise your maximum loan amount for each time you borrow until the respective maximum amounts of USD 12,000 and USD 6,000 are reached. Below you can see a simplified illustration of the different levels:

Pros and cons of SMS loans

Pros and cons of SMS loans

There are pros and cons to most things – and SMS loans are no exception. However, it is far down the road to yourself how you weigh the benefits versus the disadvantages, as well as which ones are overshadowed in your situation.


The main advantage of SMS loans is that it is fast, flexible and easy. Thus, it lends itself to contingencies or attractive offers that both require you to have money in your hands here and now. With an SMS loan, you can postpone the expense so that you have the freedom and freedom to plan your finances based on an extra expense. In other words, it is a way to eliminate the consequence of the unforeseen aspect of some spending. You have up to 30 days to repay your SMS loan, which gives you an obvious opportunity to use your next monthly salary for this purpose.

Another benefit is that an SMS loan – as opposed to a cash credit – is a one-time payment. You are therefore not charged annual fees or the like and the loan has no foundation costs. The cost is out of the world within a shorter deadline, and you can always apply for a new loan if you later face a similar situation. You do not necessarily have to pay a fee to have a cash credit if your financial sense is relatively reasonable.

Finally, SMS loans have the advantage that you do not have to provide collateral for the loan, nor justify what you lend money to. You can borrow money for exactly what you need and the only one you can account for is yourself. Therefore, it is important that you make a real assessment of your own ability to repay. Thus, you do not end up unable to repay the money if you do not want to extend the loan.


The disadvantage of SMS loans is that the interest rate is higher than with bank loans. It is because you do not provide security for the loan. A higher interest rate is thus the only security the lender has. You have the option of reducing interest costs if you have the opportunity to reduce the term of your loan. However, a slightly higher one-time interest rate may still pay off rather than having a cash credit that you do not use. In other words, profitability depends on how often you are in a situation where you lack money.

Another disadvantage is that the loan amount is lower than with bank loans. Again, this is because you do not pledge the loan, which is why it is risky for the lender to lend a larger amount. Therefore, when you borrow from us, you can borrow a maximum of USD 12,000 for 30 days. Our loans are therefore only suitable for short-term needs. Typically in the form of a consumer goods or an unforeseen expense.

Do you have questions about SMS loans?

Do you have questions about SMS loans?

Finally, do not hesitate to contact us if you are left with unanswered questions about SMS loans or about borrowing money in general. Our customer service has an average waiting time of 12 seconds and is ready to help you every weekday from 08:00 to 16:00.

So you can’t borrow money with us as an 18-year-old. In return, we offer one of the market’s best and cheapest SMS loans for you who are at least 20 years old.

Credit amount 6000, – Maturity 12 months Total credit costs. 7908, – Mdl. maximum payment 1716, – Total repayment 13908, – ÅOP 816.67% Debt rate / annual fixed: 243.3%. 14 days cancellation right on the credit agreement. Age 20+