Comforting recipes: shrimp gratin on a plate, focaccia, ramen, etc.

Hello. There are those who say you should never put cheese on shrimp, but they may have never tried the shrimp Parmigiana at by Dan Tana in Los Angeles or the shrimp tacos in Toloache in New York, both of which are superb. They might lament Eric Kim’s latest recipe for The Times, for a Shrimp gratin on plate (above). They do not need. It’s a wonderful meal: a crunchy, melty cheese exterior, with a creamy shrimp medley underneath that uses shiitake mushrooms to add a savory twist.

I think, whatever your feelings on the subject, this should be your dinner tonight. Forget the “rules”. have a certain garlic bread and dig.

I am going to choose one of two options tonight — either this marvelous Sri Lankan Dal with Coconut and Kale Flavored with LimeWhere french chicken. I like both equally. Maybe I’ll flip a coin. Or I’m going to make the shrimp gratin again. I don’t run a restaurant, of course. But this dish sells.

Other dishes I want to cook soon include this lovely plum focaccia with herb honey and prosciuttoa sweet and savory snack that I would love for a light dinner, especially with a ricotta and pine nut salad on the side.

Also, these cheese kimchi noodlesa hangover aid that’s wonderful even if you don’t need the medicine: instant noodles coated in melted cheddar and kimchi folds, finished with a runny egg and a lightly spiced sauce.

And absolutely these chilled pintosa super-quick (and vegan!) weeknight meal of fried tortillas dipped in a sauce made with canned pinto beans and dried chipotle, and topped with pickled red onions.

I could definitely see my way baked risotto with greens and peas sometimes this week. And I would love to have porchetta pork chops thus, served with colcannon with crispy leeks. Brownies with olive oil and fleur de sel? Them too.

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Now it has nothing to do with Goulash or grapes, but I think it’s worth reading David Salle on Janet Malcolm in Artforum, maybe especially if you read Janet Malcom on David Hall in The New Yorker first.

Have you checked on Ocearch”shark tracker” lately?

Is this the week to gorge on Julie Delpy?About“, on Netflix?

Finally, here are five songs to listen to right now, courtesy of Times pop music critic Jon Caramanica. Start with Sam Hunt,”23“, Nashville leading the music to cook. I will be back on Wednesday.