Debt rescheduling despite poor credit rating – Debt consolidation

Restructuring despite poor credit is not necessarily an easy task. Because the bad credit rating hardly makes it possible to find worthwhile offers.

Despite all this, a debt restructuring in spite of poor creditworthiness must not be waived. We want to show you at this point which paths can be taken.

Financing despite poor credit rating

  • In spite of poor creditworthiness it is possible, but rarely cheap
  • Therefore, compare exactly before you decide on a special loan
  • Apply for loans without credit bureau directly from Sigma Kreditbank in Liechtenstein
  • Despite credit bureau umschulden, please call your personal loan offer on the comparison from

When is a consolidation worthwhile?

When is a consolidation worthwhile?

A consolidation is always sought if it can achieve a financial improvement for the person concerned. Often debts have accumulated with different creditors.

If these can be summarized with the help of a consolidation, ultimately only one creditor, namely the bank, must be served. This saves many interest and high repayment claims.

Because every creditor wants his money back as fast as possible. And that causes high monthly installments.

With the bank in the back, however, separate repayment agreements can be made that fit the borrower. But consolidation can also be envisaged if a loan already exists that has a large scope and thus a long term.

After a few years, you’ll like to see if you can find better conditions for the loan. If so, you owe it to take advantage of these better conditions.

With a consolidation despite poor credit rating, this is relatively difficult.

Debt consolidation despite poor credit rating – obstacle credit rating

Debt consolidation despite poor credit rating - obstacle credit rating

The creditworthiness of a borrower provides information about the risk of default on a loan. The worse the credit rating, the higher the risk.

And the higher the risk, the less the banks are willing to provide the credit they want. In the case of a consolidation despite a bad credit rating, it is therefore not to be expected that the number of banks willing to lend will be particularly high.

Because nobody likes to take a risk. As a credit counselor, you are therefore always required in the first step to improve your own credit rating.

Without this step, it will hardly come to a borrowing and thus to a consolidation despite poor credit rating. A significant improvement can be achieved, among other things, when the required credit with the help of a solvent guarantor be taken.

Because this brings a good credit rating, the banks assess the credit requirements much more positive. One moves back into the circle of those who are entitled to a loan.

Debt restructuring despite bad creditworthiness – find offers

Debt restructuring despite bad creditworthiness - find offers

If the creditworthiness could be improved, it is relatively easy to find suitable offers. Our loan calculator can assist in this process.

He shows suitable loan offers that can be easily compared. However, for the search to begin, it is important to first determine what loan amount is needed for debt restructuring.

For this it is important that all debts are listed or the remaining amount is determined from the existing credit. In addition, it must be checked which use is recommended and which monthly rates can be applied.

The latter should not be overstated so that debt restructuring does not become a cost trap. Prefer to pay a few months longer than end up failing in the amount of installments.

In addition, it must be looked at in the case of an already existing loan, if this can even be redirected cost-effectively. An agreement should have been made with the bank to avoid high fees for debt restructuring.