Final Free ANIMAL ANIMAL Update Arrived November Fifth

In a Nintendo Direct special released on Friday, October 15thika, 2021, Nintendo unveiled the final free update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a content-packed batch of DLC that will keep you in 2022 smoothly.

In addition to the final free update for AC: NH, Direct also included the announcement of Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise, paid DLC (either $ 24.99, or when you pay for the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack – but remember that you need a copy of AC: NH to use this DLC).

Free DLC

First and foremost, the final free update for AC: NH will deliver on one of our long -awaited features: Brewster’s Roost! When I visit cartoonists on their islands in the summer of 2020 for Across the Miles, I kept finding out that the creators requested that Brewster be returned! Fortunately, that time has finally come, and players will be able to share a cup of coffee with villagers and other players at the museum located in Roost.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Everyone is coo now.

The other most sought after feature included in this free update is crops, which comes with new DIY recipients to allow you to make a whole slough of appetizing food items to put around. your island.

The DLC will also include a significant update to Harv’s Island. Not only will new stores open (similar to the main street above your town in Animal Crossing: New Leaves), including shops for Kicks and Saharah and a location for Katrina to tell fortune in-game (and not just in the Nintendo Online app).

Plus, former guests of Harv’s Island like Cyrus and Reese, allowing you to customize additional furniture items. Furthermore, AC franchise alums like Mayor Tortimer will show up at Harv’s updated plaza, so you’ll want to visit often.

And are you missing the Gyroids that have long been part of AC franchise? This update will bring these noisy, mysterious entities to your island, and they will work a little differently than they used to at this time. While they are likely to appear after a rainy day on your island, you will now need to plant “Gyroid pieces” to “grow” the full version. Once you have a set you enjoy, you can set it up in your home to add new harmony to the songs in the KK Slider class! You can also customize them to better match your décor.

Speaking of KK Slider, he gets a dozen new tracks for you to enjoy when he plays shows on your island. In addition, a new furniture item will allow you to listen to a music box version of his tunes.

And if you want some sea shanties, you will have some sea shanties! Kapp’n is coming back Animal crossing, docking his boat at the pier on your island (just waiting for his arrival from March 2020). If you climb up, you’ll ride in a one-of-a-kind serenade as he takes you to all new mystery islands!

Somehow, this is not all the content included in the free update! There are also new hairstyles, new furniture, and even new reactions. Get away from it, seasonal depression: I don’t have time for you in all this AC: NH (and I haven’t been beaten yet Metroid: Fear pa)!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise

In a play mode that is extremely exciting in the Nintendo 3DS game Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, the new paid DLC Happy Home Paradise It will allow you to design vacation homes for different Animal crossing staff Using Amiibo and Amiibo cards, you can summon specific characters to design their homes; and perhaps even better, you will also be able to invite your island residents to enjoy a vacation in this archipelago.

Sa HHP, you’ll join the Paradise Planning Team, featuring returning character Lottie and new characters Wardell and Niko (don’t look at these two directly – they’re sobrang cute).

HHP will introduce many new features, including the ability to place partial walls and columns, opening new avenues for interior design. Even better, you can use these features in the design your island, as well

HHP also includes features like designing a single home for two housemates, plus an online showroom where you can showcase your greatest creations!

Insufficient Animal crossing?

On top of all this, both free and paid DLC will be compatible Animal crossing Amiibo cards and Amiibo-not only those available, but also the fifth series of Amiibo cards, featuring previously unreleased and brand new characters, set to release on November 5thika, din.

What do you think of all this AC: NH news? What feature are you excited about?

Remember that bad times … are just bad times.

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