Ooma’s new smart security camera can record without internet connection

Ooma recently announced a new smart security camera called Ooma Smart Cam. This device is launched as part of the company’s security platform known as Ooma Smart Security, a solution that allows users to track their loved ones and observe events at home. Homeowners can install the security camera both outdoors and indoors due to its weatherproof design. Plus, owners don’t have to worry about wires when setting up the device, as the cameras can connect wirelessly to the internet and also include internal rechargeable batteries that can last up to six months with a single charge. The device also has a magnetic mount that allows the owner to easily remove the Ooma Smart Cam, although people can also use common indoor and outdoor mounts with the product. The security camera also includes 16 GB of internal storage, which allows the device to continue recording video even in the event of a power failure or internet connection.

The device can start recording videos within a second of detecting movement or loud noise in the house, which Ooma says is faster than the two to four second startup time required. to other cameras. 1080p video clips captured by the device are stored free in the cloud for seven days. However, an optional monthly subscription plan, which costs $ 4.99 for one camera and $ 9.99 for two to six cameras, increases the length of online video storage to 30 days. This subscription plan also activates other device features, including facial recognition, automatic privacy mode, and two-way audio. The Ooma Smart Cam’s facial recognition feature takes advantage of artificial intelligence to identify owners’ family members, friends and pets. This feature prevents the product from sending unnecessary notifications and only alerts the user when it detects unfamiliar faces entering the house. Meanwhile, the Ooma Smart Cam determines the user’s location via their cell phone and automatically activates Automatic Privacy Mode, a feature that automatically arms and disarms the camera, once the owner arrives. The security camera also includes a microphone and a speaker, which allows the user to communicate with people inside the house using the two-way audio function.

context: The Ooma Smart Cam is an important addition to the Ooma Smart Security system, a platform that uses a variety of sensors to fully monitor events in the home. Some of the devices used by the security system include a motion sensor, which can alert the camera to start video recording once it detects motion. The system also includes dedicated sensors for doors, windows and water surfaces, and it is fully compatible with internet phone service from technology company Ooma Telo. Compatibility with Ooma Telo allows the tech company to include telephone base stations and handsets with the security system, and these devices can provide real-time alerts on events within the home. The phone service also allows users to contact their local 911 operators directly from their smartphones, no matter where they are in the world, using the 911 service remotely.

Impact: Many tech companies have recently released their own security camera offerings, with companies like ARLO as well incorporation these devices into complete security solutions. However, Ooma promises useful features that make its offerings stand out from the competition, including facial recognition, faster video recording, and support for internet telephony. In addition, Ooma offers its own intelligent security system since 2017, which should make its solution more mature than many of its competing products.

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