Pongal 2022 Culinary Recipes: From Sakkarai to Arachuvita Sambar, 5 mouth-watering South Indian delicacies that will add an explosion of flavor to the Harvest Festival (watch the videos)

India is a land of festivals and a plethora of traditions and cultures. Each holiday is celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety. Among other festivals, Pongal is also one of them that marks the transition of the Sun to the North, known as Uttarayan. According to the Tamil calendar, the harvest festival is celebrated in the 10th month, which is believed to bring prosperity and good luck. The four days of the Pongal festival are called Bhogi Pongal, Surya Pongal, Maattu Pongal and Kaanum Pongal. The festival takes its name from the Tamil term “Pongal”, which means “to boil, to boil,” and refers to the traditional sweet dish made from the new crop of rice boiled in milk with jaggery or gur. Pongal 2022 Rangoli Designs: Easy Sankranthi Muggulu Designs and Beautiful Kolam Patterns to orned your house (Watch the videos).

Worshipers often clean their homes and decorate the entrance with eye-catching Kolam designs and Muggulu Rangoli designs before dawn. The adornment is made to welcome the goddess Lakshmi into the house, which is a symbol of wealth, happiness and prosperity. In the south, a sweet dish with rice, lentils and jaggery is a must. If you are looking for some delicious cooking recipe ideas for Pongal, keep reading. We have listed some of the most popular and authentic South Indian dishes that will add traditional flour to your celebration! Bhogi 2022 Date: When is Bhogi Pandigai? Know the importance, times and celebrations of Sankranthi before Makar Sankranti and Pongal.

1. Sweet Pongal Or Sakkarai

Made with cooked rice, yellow moong lentils and jaggery, this dish is the most important cuisine in South India. You can even add a pinch of edible camphor to the dish before offering it to God.

2. Tamarind rice

The recipe dish is also known as “Puliyodharai” in Tamil language. Pair it with piping hot Sambhar.

3. Medu Vada

Urad daal crispy donuts are easy to prepare and delicious at the same time.

4. Arachuvita Sambar

The dish made by mixing different vegetables is widely made in the Tambrahm families. The tangy flavors of this dish are best enjoyed with steamed rice and Medu Vada.

5. Poricha Kuzhambu

Poricha Kuzhambu is a healthy and delicious blend of lentil sauce made from vegetables made from coconut and spice paste. Greetings Pongal 2022: HD images with wishes, wallpapers with festive quotes, Facebook status and WhatsApp SMS to celebrate South India multi-day Hindu harvest festival.

Pongal has its own sets of traditional recipes which are dominated by the flavors of South India! Enjoy the sweet and savory dishes prepared with the ingredients of your kitchen and don’t forget to share them with your family and friends.

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