Randy Wooden: Lessons from the Kitchen: How to Craft a Winning Resume | Local

Are we in a cooking class?

Well no. But when it comes to creating a resume, you might find it helpful to think about your kitchen and how you prepare meals.

When I work with Professional Center by Goodwill clients on creating a new CV, particularly when they intend to highlight certain skills relevant to the job they are applying for, I will talk about creating a long resume for their eyes only and I’ll compare it to their cooking.

Let’s take a closer look and you’ll see why this approach may work for you.

First, the kitchen. Most people have a pantry and cupboards with dry goods and canned goods. They have a fridge and a freezer. Dinner tonight may require 15 items. So, you search your cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer to locate these items to create the evening meal.

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Your skills resume is similar. You probably have 20 or more skills that you could include on a resume, but the job posting only asks for three to five. As with cooking, your job is to extract those relevant skills and place them on the resume. You create the “meal” of this work, so to speak.

Rather than creating every meal/CV from scratch, why not create a long CV just for your eyes? This can include 20-30 skills and a few achievements around each of those skills. This way, like a recipe, when a job posting calls for certain skills, you can extract those skills from your long resume to create a custom one.

Here is an important side benefit. By taking the time to reflect on all of your skills and list any related accomplishments, you’ll be much better prepared to talk about your skills in the actual interview.

Although writing this long CV for your eyes only is very time consuming, I believe you will find it a practical solution not only to personalize your future CVs, but also to prepare you to explain why you are suitable for the position. when you interview for it.

Resumes help show an employer how you will add value in the areas they need. A skills resume helps you emphasize specific skills, as well as accomplishments in those skill areas.

While I’m certainly not a gourmet chef, I think it makes perfect sense to put together a detailed skills CV as you’re looking to leverage them to meet the needs of your next employer.

As always, if you wish to be supported in your job search, the services of our center are free. Good luck!

Randy Wooden is a longtime consultant for Triad and director of the Professional Center at Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina. Contact him at [email protected] or 336-407-7306. For more information, see www.goodwillnwnc.org/procenter. Ask Randy for his weekly job search talk show on Wednesdays and his free LinkedIn webinar on Thursdays.